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My name is Zeyad Ibrahim, founder of Med-DevZ Ltd. I started the company due to the increase in demand of regulatory professionals required to support medical device companies with all the changes in regulations, some of which many are familiar with such as the new EU MDR, Brexit, and so forth. All this lead to confusion and many challenges for device manufacturers, for what was once considered a rather established industry!

Prior to going self-employed, I was employed as a Regulatory Affairs Director, and fortunate enough to sit on the board of directors for a Surgical Instrument manufacturer. My career took shape in the Medical Device industry, and I have been involved at all levels in the business; learning the business side, as well as the Technical and Regulatory aspects.

Having climbed the corporate ladder, and built a good solid background in the medical world…..I decided to take the jump and go in it for myself!

How the Business was Formed…

It was on the way to a family holiday to Morocco, one spring morning, around 4am, and plenty of time to spare at the Airport! With the kids around and bored, they soon became…the board! First was to come up with a company name. Since the mission was always to help Medical Device companies, and with many names flying around (no pun intended), or already taken, it was decided we would add my first initial `Z` to the end of the word `Device`. The company name chosen was Medical-DeviceZ (thanks kids – simple does it!), with it later shortened to Med-DevZ for ease. With a credit card to hand, a mobile phone, and a few minutes on Companies House website, Med-DevZ Ltd, Company No: 14014399 was formed….talk about a flying start! 😉

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